Thursday, October 2, 2014

things i love about okinawa this week

Parks reminiscent of Jurassic Park and their delicious pineapple products

Best pizza I've had so far on this island, with pineapple topping, of course!


I finally got a pedicure here and they are so much fun! It's a two hour process where they trim, groom, and clean up your nails, followed by a long and relaxing leg massage while you pick what you want them to paint from a giant book of nail art.  It was definitely worth going, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a relaxing break (and fun nail art that will last for weeks!).  

P.S. I went with a dinosaur design because dinosaurs are awesome. duh.


I was lucky enough to attend a workshop and learn a little more about the art of Kimono Dressing. It's incredible how precise the process is, how many steps and layers go into each garment and how beautiful the outcome is!  It takes years to obtain a license in this art, and every hair salon here is required to have this license.  I'm hoping to have an excuse in the future to go to one of these salons and have the honor of being dressed in a beautiful kimono.

Attention to Detail

I had a meeting at Starbucks the other day, and was handed this card at the register.  It's for the barista to make sure they are handing you a beverage that is lactose free--pretty genius. 


I've found a food bus (yes, it's an actual, old bus, that serves food) with hearty snacks AKA "hambagas"and a huge variety of snow cones and of course--BEER!  Great stop to make while riding your bike around the island--this truck is located in Zanpa, next to the lighthouse.

The view
Seriously, every day.

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