Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In midst of a storm...

I write this in the middle of a storm.  It's not just the typhoon orchestrating outside of the windows, howling winds seeping through the cracks between the panes and water piercing through the leaves and flooding the narrow streets.  It's a whirlwind in my life: I've been picked up by the winds of change, and after months of struggling through bureaucracy, time and emotions I have finally landed in my destination--Okinawa.

And Okinawa in the middle of Typhoon Neoguri, to say the least.

As scared as I was at the first mention of a typhoon two days after landing in my new home, I am now happy that I was thrown into this experience and got it out of the way quickly and without harm.  It was an exciting 36 hours of getting to know my surroundings and of course, being reunited with my husband (still weird to say husband, but so exciting!) Robb.

The revelation in the middle of the storm was that I have finally found my home.  This idea of never knowing where home was, or what my identity has been all these years, never truly belonging to a single country or culture--all solved with one simple answer.  Home is where Robb is.  It's a comforting thought, knowing that no matter where life takes us, or where we choose to travel, I will be like a nomad, backpack on my shoulders, walking side by side with the person who completes that last part of my uniquely formed culture.

I do not mean this in terms of co-dependence, or by any means as a way of pressuring Robb to live up to some unrealistic standard.  I just mean that as of arriving in Okinawa, jumping into Robb's arms, getting a standing ovation from the crowd at the airport and walking away hand in hand I have never felt happier.  We are in the middle of an island where we are basically illiterate, tiny beings in the middle of a vast body of water, but somehow we are happy, safe, complete.

My plan as of now is to take full advantage of this stage of our lives where we can live in a foreign country, travel as much as possible and continue pursuing our passions while discovering new ones...
I hope to share in this blog my experiences living abroad-- my successes and my failures-- and hopefully our many adventures to come.

As the last traces of rain and wind come to a halt outside, a warm glow makes its way through the air, and bringing with it my happily ever after....And here commences my story.  My life and adventures as a newly married and newly arrived in Japan adventure-seeker.


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