Monday, July 14, 2014

Things I love about Okinawa this week


SURFING!!  This was such a cool experience...I had been surfing once before in Cali and remember really enjoying it, but being so exhausted and bruised afterwards that I couldn't fathom turning it into a habit.

This experience was very different since the waves in Okinawa are smaller and perfect for longboarding--which makes it ideal for anyone who wants to jump into surfing fearlessly.  It's definitely on my list of things to learn while I'm on the island, and luckily I have a partner in crime who already loves to do it!

But first things first: I went through Happy Surfing Okinawa and got a very helpful and eye-opening lesson from the instructor, Danny.  We went over the basics, and jumped right in!

Being able to hop up on the board and ride a wave is one of the most thrilling experiences I've had--even if they were small waves--it was breathtaking!  I also fell down, swallowed a lot of water and ended up covered in debris from the typhoon, but none of that mattered.  For a few seconds, I got on that board and made it my bitch (until I got to shore and then I would awkwardly hop off the board-- why don't they ever show you how to gracefully end the riding of a wave in all those surfing videos??)

If you haven't tried surfing yet in your life--DO IT.  It's like doing yoga on moving ground.  Not that I reached any sort of nirvana on top of the board since I was simply trying to stay on and not belly flop into the ocean but I can feel from the adrenaline rush I got, how this can be a very addicting and relaxing sport once you know what you're doing...and what a killer workout!

One of my favorite things--and this may sound silly--is the fact that you can be walking around anywhere and you will find a vending machine with beverages.  And I'm not talking about Coke machines, I mean machines full with all sorts of teas, sports beverages, and an incredible variety of coffee.  Of course I have no idea what any of the bottles say, so for me it's a fun surprise every time I try a new can of something.

Since I arrived during typhoon season, I've also found it to be a very useful form of "stocking up" on drinks before a storm.

The other day I stumbled upon this little gem, which anyone who knows what flan is will agree that this an intriguing can (Let's just say, my Argentine gene kicked into effect).  I bought it thinking it would be flan-flavored coffee or something along those lines.

To my surprise, it was an actual flan dessert, but in a can and ready to "drink".  I fucking love Japan.

I'm also very excited to try out a face mask I bought last week that has a picture of a Habu snake on it... We'll see what crazy effects it will have on my face.  PS. She looks horrified.

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