Sunday, July 20, 2014

Things I love about Okinawa this week


I can't get over the phrases I find on merchandise written in English--their original meaning clearly lost in translation at some point.   They are so random and hilarious that I feel like it could not have been done on purpose, which makes them even funnier.

Here are some random finds from a nearby supermarket.  Enjoy : )

We also found this, which was awesome, but in the wrong color haha:

 CafĂ© Kubama
I'm residing nearby this place, and it has the most incredible tea I've ever had, not to mention an incredible view! The staff is very friendly, they already call me "Daiana san" when I come in, and last time I went they had me taste test some pastries they received from Tokyo.  Although we don't speak the same language, it seems as though "pointy-speaky"may be universal enough to get us by.

Their music is super random, but chill enough that I can study there in peace, or simply relax.  They also sell an eclectic collection of glassware that is locally made and very unique.


Driving on the left hand side:
As you can tell from this photo, I'm loving it!

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